Want to make your hair color long lived?

With proper care and little spending, you can keep your color-treated hair looking shiny and vibrant for a long time.

First, avoid using chemical based hair colors that will last early and also damage your hair as well. Start using Organic Hair Color that is of no chemical and also lasts long.

But if you already have applied color to your hairs then will provide you some solutions to maintain the shine of the hair color:

You have to give more care to the hairs for the long living of the color. Follow these tips:

  • Wash your hair less often or wash only with cold water, avoid using hot water baths that will fade the hair color more frequently.
  • Use products meant for color hair- Best to Buy “Bio-Organic Color Protective Shampooing Conditioner” that is improvised specifically for the color protection of your hair.
  • The Shampoo is best and affordable to professionally maintain the hair color shine and smoothness.
  • Assembles with natural ingredients like soy, honey, aloe vera and others that will nourish your hair and scalp deeply while boosting hair growth.
  • Shampooing Conditioner will condition your hair and add moisture back to your colored hair.
  • Shampooing Conditioner can conditions your hair deeply and make hair silky and shiny.
  • Protects your hair color from premature grey hair caused due to sun or pollution.
  • Fights against harmful UV rays and promotes thick, healthy and long hair.
  • The color protective shampoo will protect your hair color while it will prevent you from premature grey hair and also boost the natural growth of hairs.
  • Avoid thermal hair styling more often, do not often use thermal heat on your hairs that will quickly fade your hair color. The hair color itself provide you the new look so do not often use heat on your hair.
  • Also, avoid going directly to sun exposure without protection on hairs. The harmful UV rays can lead to hair damage and most often fades the hair color.

You can either wear hats or umbrella while going outside or can prefer applying SPF gel or other products to protect sun damage.

  • Do not use harsh chemical based hair care products often, chemicals will suck out the shiny color from the hair and make hair rough and damaged.
  • Invest in conditioning treatments like hair masks or hair oils to add moisture back to your colored hair.

We would also want to share you what type of hair colors you should prefer on your hairs:

  • Stay away from chemical hair colors that will seriously damage your hair colors while giving temporary colors to the hair.
  • Connect with Organic natural colors that will give a lustrous shine to your hair without any chemical.
  • Organic colors will nourish and conditions your hair naturally while promoting smooth shiny hairs.
  • The natural colors are made with natural herb or ingredients that promote your natural hair growth as well.

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