Tips on Relocation of an Office


Moving is a part of life but still is a very stressful process. An office move is also as much complicated as a house move. Moving an office can be due to many reasons including rapid growth or better location. To make your office relocation easier, make a proper office relocation project plan. Moving an office is a challenging project that requires careful planning so that everything goes smoothly as there is a pile of important files and papers to be taken care of.

To keep your business relocation organized and on track and ensure the successful transition of your business, you can follow the moving checklist given below:

Schedule Your Office Move Project and Determine the Time Frame:

Decide the date of your relocation well in advance. Be sure when to move your equipment and staff and to be out of your current office space.

Decide For New Business Location:

Decide the new business location as per your needs including type of building, basic amenities, and square footage etc.Keep your brand’s public perception in mind and as well as the feel of the neighbourhoods while considering your new office space, assuring that it makes sense for you to relocate there. Draft your business development and expansion strategy with expansion of building in mind. Consider new hires and space requirements that you might need over the next several years

Distribute Responsibilities Among Employees:

Assign responsibilities and individual tasks to every member of your office team while discussing relocation of your office. You can also appoint move coordinators in each department so that everyone should know the details of the job assigned to them. Organize relocation coordination meeting.

Jot Down the Details of Your Office Furniture and Equipment:

Make an inventory of your office furniture and equipment and decide what all you want to move to your new place or discard here only. This will enable you to get rid of unnecessary stuff at your new office, making it well organized.

Plan a Budget:

Make a budget related to your office relocation comprising of current figures and costs associated with your new location. Moving costs may include professional movers, shipping of office furniture and losses if any due to downtime during the move.

Though these are one-time expenditures, but still they impact your monthly office budget, so you should plan it carefully.

Security Measures:

When shifting your office to a new place, the most important thing that you should never ignore is security. While managing security in your new office, you need to think ahead of any security issues, including burglary and natural disasters like fires. Keeping a good security system is a worthwhile investment.

Office Accessories:

Make proper arrangements for workstations, internet, and furniture and décor as these are the basics requirements of offices of any size, and these cannot be chosen at last-minute. Make sure you have at least the basics in pan, plus perks like vending machines and a dishwasher.You must have a comprehensive and detailed plan for your furniture placement at the new space.

Technological Update:

A complete assessment of current and proposed location is required for IT infrastructure. Evaluation of power, regular power supply, HVAC, Ventilation, and equipment positioning is much needed.

When relocating your office, you must always trust reliable cheap moving companies as they have prior experience in making office relocation safe and organized. An office has all types of belongings, most of them are of critical nature. It is best to rely on professional movers always.

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