Three Non Traditional Seating Options for the Office

It has been known for quite some time that traditional office chairs are limited in their support and comfort. While some options from various companies offer a bit more in terms of ergonomic support, many are not as well equipped to deal with the full range of needs of the working professional. For that reason, many are beginning to turn to non traditional seating in the workplace. As workers try to keep up with the working world, one of the easiest ways is to provide ergonomic support during the work day is to buy one of these three non traditional office chairs.

The Best Alternative Chairs for Office Comfort and Support

Boss Office Professional Adjustable Drafting Stool

Many look to office stools for a non traditional seating option in the workplace. The Boss Office Professional Adjustable Drafting Stool is a prime example of why stools can offer a superior experience. Designed for comfort and increased productivity, the Adjustable Stool by Boss Office Projects is ideal for the business workplaces all over the world. Available in three colors, these stools can be purchased with or without a backrest, depending on the needs of the individual. The Boss Office Professional Stool features a 6-inch adjustable height range designed and supported with a heavy duty pneumatic gas lift. This makes adjustments smooth and safe. Likewise, the pneumatic control handle is easy to use and adjusts until the desired height is found. With a number of workers turning to more stool options, the Boss Office Professional Adjustable Drafting Stool is a top rated, user favorited office option for desk workers.

Autonomous ErgoStool

The Autonomous brand features a wide variety of ergonomic office stools and chairs. When visiting the products at, the first thing you notice is the bold designs. Unlike anything on the market, the ErgoStool embodies the Autonomous brand’s message of innovation and user-friendly features. With no back, but plenty of swivel room on the oversized seat, the ErgoStool is a dynamic option for true body posture. The positioning most natural to the body while standing is mimicked with the ErgoStool, ensuring great seating comfort and support all times of the day. With color options and a number of physical and mental health benefits attributed to its design, the ErgoStool is just one of the many incredible products at Autonomous. The brand is always thinking outside of the box in the best way possible.

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

Created by leading health professionals and wellness experts, the Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair was designed to improve overall well being and livelihood. The Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair provides an active outlet for having to sit for long periods of time by offering a responsive yoga style ball for a base, and a short backrest for minimal posture perfecting support. Designed for users 5 feet to 5-feet 11-inches tall, the Gaiam ball chair supports up to a 300-pound weight capacity, and allows users to feel as light as air thanks to the inflated fitness ball supporting them up.

Change Things Up with Non Traditional Office Furniture

When the day to day strain of office life begins to take a negative toll, it’s not enough to simply put up with it. Making a change to a non traditional office seating option means that instead of feeling sore at the end of the day, the body is ready for more movement, feeling, and adventure. Shop today for a better tomorrow with these three ergonomic options.

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