Some common photography genres for a professional photographer

One of the common question before going to photography degree courses in India– which type of photography needs to be picked? One of the most challenging decision to made if you are starting your photography career. When all of the various subjects there are to capture, and all the different variety of creating the image, the field of photography is dynamic and varied. There is something for every person in photography, and the jobs are also fascinating.

Here is the list of most popular photography genres you could pursue in a photography school in India:

  1. Wedding photographer: the first and the most common type of photography job involves in wedding and its full events. Many people go their entire lives and pay for the professional camera person once at least, but nearly everyone hires a photographer at the wedding.

For a job, wedding photography includes some exciting mix of portraiture and events photography in a wide variety of groups and settings. Wedding photography is very intense, where all the elements need to click on the line of shots correctly or maybe in some situation there is no time of the second shot. Photographer needs to be quick on their feet, observe the case, and deeply understand the rituals.

  1. Event photographer: this is a very dynamic and fast-paced way to make a buck with the camera. It may be for the corporate event or crazy and wild rock concert, event photographer work in a variety of settings. Event photography styles very often, involving a mixture of photojournalistic portraiture or documentary work.
  2. Product photographer: working in advertising or product photography is a high specialization. Think about the products you have ordered recently: everything require to be photographed. These photos have been used for online and print catalogs, and sometimes for labels and packaging. Most of the product photography is studio-based, with some careful control of backgrounds, lighting, and shadows.
  3. Portrait photography: this is one of the most common types of photography which we think of when we consider different career options. Some kinds of photography which could be included in portraits are astounding. Retail customers seek out the portraits photographers for each and every phase of life: newborn and maternity, senior photos, school photos, and some general family photos.
  4. Fine art photography: this is the one which has no rules. Fine arts photographers create art; they may display the work in galleries, and at art shows, generally, everyone sells finished, framed print products to the customers. Fine art photography could be of any subject at all, but the landscape and portrait artists were probably the most common.
  5. Fashion photography: it is one of the more glamorous and tough to enter photography jobs. Catalogs and magazine shoots might occur on location, from beaches to subway. In this way of glamour photography, the look of the photographs is everything.
  6. Travel photography: if you are one who loves to travel, then this is for you as it allows you to do just that while having fun with the camera in a dynamic setting.

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