Rules and regulation that Islamic women in Kuwait

Kuwait is the Muslim country and has a clear set of rules and regular for men and women that everyone living in Kuwait has to follow. There cast does not matter much everyone has to wear clothes according to the standard community rules. Muslim women clothing is different from any other religion it is totally according to the lines mentioned in the holy book Quran.

National dress code of Kuwait

As such, there is no compulsory Islamic dress, but majorly Kuwaiti men have appeared with thwab (a white cotton shirt with ankle length). While most of the women seen to cover by abaya (an overcoat that covers the whole body from head to feet). Kuwaiti Islamic clothing for women also includes some western clothes. Although they try to have more demure styles, irrespective of the climate and convenience, they also try to go for designer abayas. There traditional wearing is thob which is a long over the dress, and they generally have it on festival dancing functions. All the Kuwait women cover their western clothes in public using an aba which is also one of the overcoat styles but with silk fabric. Modest clothing is highly underlined in Kuwait for women particularly, as it rises for her respect and dignity.

Expatriate women and men

There is no such specific dress code for those people, but men are not allowed to show their thighs and stomach. They have to cover their body from naval till feet as per the Islamic rules. As a woman, if they want to have a respectful dressing, they shouldn’t be showing cleavage, bare shoulders, or wear skirts or shorts able knee level.

Overall it is better to have a loose light weighted dress that could cover the whole body at least from neck to knees. Kuwait laws are against showing skin for women; their skirts and sleeves need to belong sides. If they want to wear shorts, they have to pick capris or long walking shorts. And still, they have to cover the face including their hairs.

Women have been more restricted than men in Islamic society. It is all because of their safety and security. Muslim feels that by doing this their daughters and sisters are safe as they covered under burqa or niqab. Every religion has its view, and as a human, we have to follow the rules to show respect towards them.

Business attire

Business attire is also very conservative as men could wear light weighted traditional suits which should be of good quality. A woman has to ignore all the tight fitting office attires, and skirts should be below knees and sleeves should cover the elbows and stretch till neck.

Everyone has to follow such rules that would show respect and believe in their religion. Islam always wants to protect their followers from every evil wish. Islam wants that every human should gain equal respect based on their intelligence, conversation, and skills not by their physical beauty.

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