Reinvent Your TV Controls in 2019 with Peel Remote

Smart remote apps have started to transform the way we operate our TV.  In addition to offering all the features of traditional remote control, they offer a package of multiple other benefits. For example, you don’t have to worry about it getting lost or its battery running out of charge. Besides, it’s more convenient, sophisticated and rather fun to control your TV using these apps.

One of the most downloaded and used remote apps is Peel. Like many other such apps, Peel remote also uses IR-emitters of your Android phone and make it work as a universal remote control. However, it’s more user-friendly, multi-purpose and economical and comes with a wider range of benefits than most other apps in the segment.

If you’re still using physical remotes in 2018, you should definitely try the revamp your TV watching experience in 2019 with Peel smart remote control. And here is why –

It’s much, much better to use than a physical remote.

No hard presses on your plastic remote anymore. You can now control your TV with gentle taps and swipes on your Android phone. Peel offers rich graphics and comes with an optimised interface for tablets.

While it has all the controls of a generic remote, it further allows you to customise them by adding, removing or rearranging various components.

Moreover, now you don’t need to switch between multiple remotes for TV, set-top box, Blu-Ray or DVD player etc. You can connect all of them with your phone using Peel TV app and control them simultaneously. 

Navigating all the way through the series of channels! Not anymore.

Browsing through several channels for some time before reaching the one you would watch isn’t all convenient. Besides, it unnecessarily ends up increasing your screen time. Peel helps there too.

On the home screen of the app, you can see several high-quality thumbnails of the recommended shows. You can click them to go to the channel directly. These recommendations continue to become more accurate over the app usage.

Moreover, you don’t turn on your TV to view thumbnails and programme details. This cuts down exposure to the screen.

You don’t have to worry about missing your favourite programmes now.

Sometimes, our busy schedules don’t allow us to remember what’s upcoming on the TV. It’s possible to miss out on when that IPL match is running, after a critical meeting at the office. But you don’t have to worry about it anymore when Peel smart remote is there. Simply set a reminder for your favourite programme and Peel will send you a notification when it is going to run on TV.

Not just this, you can even prepare a calendar or a watchlist of the shows or movies on Peel. Just use the app to check the details of the upcoming programmes, decide what you want to watch over next one week and set reminders. You can be assured now that you aren’t going to miss a single programme.

You can avail a TV watching assistance enabled by voice recognition.

One of the major enhancements in the Peel app is the introduction of voice recognition capabilities. From managing volume and channels and learning about the details of an upcoming programme, you can speak to your smartphone enabled by the Peel remote app.

Not only does it perform the commands you give it, but it can also understand the intent behind the command. For example, even if you don’t know the name of a programme you want to watch, you can tell the app about certain specific details about the cast, director or even summary of the show. The app will out a number of relevant suggestions based on your input.


Peel remote control is a must-have app today when ways to perform tasks at home or home are becoming smarter. It’s not only about operating your TV, but you can also use Peel to control a number of devices and appliance in your surroundings. They only need to have either infrared or Wi-fi capabilities.

Our executives are always happy to assist you. To get more information on the Peel app or know how it can add value to your life, please feel free to drop a note on with details of the query.

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