Learn the Importance and Reasons for Learning DevOps

Very often, individuals ask themselves why they should learn DevOps. There are a number of reasons to take DevOps Training and Certification in Chennai. Nowadays, it is important to take this training to get an understanding of all the concepts of DevOps.

Why Should you Join DevOps Training and Certification in Chennai?

There are many reasons to get yourself enroll in DevOps Training and Certification.

Software Delivery Life Cycle

DevOps has various phases such as Source Code Management, Integration, Testing, Configuration Management, Containerization, and Monitoring. When you get a deep understanding of the DevOps concepts, it will give you entire details about the software delivery life cycle. The developer will tell about testing as well as production. This thing helps you in adding skills to your profile.

Valuable to Your Company

Mostly, companies are looking for those people that have various skills as these contribute to cost-optimization aim to the company. Being DevOps professional, you will become valuable to the company as you can use the tools and technologies for the purpose of testing, development, and deployment.

 Stand Apart From The Competitors

Being expertise in DevOps will give you unique skills and these will set you apart from other candidates. You will get preference over other candidates.

 Exposure to Latest Tools Along WIth Technologies

DevOps has various phases and every phase has its own tools. Various available tools are used like Nagios, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Kubernetes, Jenkins, and Git.

Tools of Code are git, eclipse, and Jira. Build tools are maven and gradle. Testing tools are JUnit and Se. Tools of monitoring are Splunk, Nagios and Sensu.

 Faster Releases

DevOps also helps in making SDLC process an agile one. It also ensures the timely release. With the help of Product Owner Training in Chennai, you can help your organization in analyzing the user behavior quickly and making changes in the upcoming release.

It happens at various stages that are included in DevOps. It contributes to continuous delivery as well as continuous deployment. DevOps assures efficiency, usability, testability, flexibility, portability, and reliability.

Career Growth

Upscaling is necessary for life and these days technology is facing a rapid change. Therefore, it is important for you to adopt such changes and make yourself valuable for your company. In these, DevOps will play a significant role. It will surely uplift your career. To step up in your career path, DevOps will provide you many job roles like DevOps Evangelist, Automation Architect, Project Manager, and Release Manager.

DevOps training will help you in getting good job opportunities. There are many DevOps roles and responsibilities. Therefore, to meet the demand of the industry, you need to opt for training and grab the related jobs. It will give you a good career.

DevOps will definitely give you opportunities and give you a fruitful career.

Xebia Academy is the right place to enroll yourself for DevOps Training and Certification. The training program will let you acquire all the necessary skills to have a great career in life.

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