Lamborghini Aventador Coupè – Technical Specifications, Pictures

When it comes to super-cars most people immediately think of the Italians. With names such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati etc. When it comes to the most stunning of the supercars, Lamborghini stands as one of the best. The symbol of Lamborghini is a raging bull which aptly sums up the character of the cars made by this great company and they are wild, powerful and fierce. The Lamborghini Aventador is one of the newer offerings by the company with the Huracan being their latest. The Aventador like nearly all the other Lamborghinis is named after a famed fighting bull from the 1990’s


When it comes to Lamborghini’s the order of priority for their engineers is top speed, acceleration and handling, but with the Aventador this order is flipped. Lamborghini’s are somewhat notorious for not doing well around corners, at least not like a Ferrari or Porsche but with the Aventador the company aims to fix this perception and it seems they have.

With a 4 wheel drive setup that can send 90% of the torque to the rear wheels, this rear wheel steering system allows the car to handle much better around the corners at high speeds. The beast of the Aventador’s V12 engine is rated at 730 Bhp and produces around 720 Nm of torque allowing the car to accelerate extremely fast and since the engine is naturally aspirated it is capable of producing that all too sound that is music to the ears of any motor head.

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The Aventador also comes with a lift system that will help the car get past those pesky Indian speed breakers. The single clutch gearbox can be jerky and uncomfortable in heavy traffic but then again, this car was made for the open road or a track and not city traffic.


To top all of the Aventador’s technical excellence, the car comes in that all too familiar Lamborghini styling that is going to grab people’s attention no matter what they are doing. With lots of angular faces and masculine styling, this car is not and cannot be subtle, this car is meant to be bold and loud. Even entering the Aventador is an event as the car comes with Lamborghini’s famous scissor doors that wing upwards instead of outwards like most cars do. The car comes with well acquainted interiors with the seats being able to be tailored to your choice and the dashboard being a digital cluster instead of analogue.


Lamborghini Aventador price range starts from ₹5.01 crore and goes up to ₹6.25 crore depending on the model.

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