Know About The Best Gynaecologists In Mumbai

Importance of a Gynaecologist 

A Gynaecologist is the one who specializes in examining anything related to the female reproductive system. They have great specialization in dealing with anything related to females. They predominantly focus on the issues pertaining to the female reproductive system and the challenges women face in their day to day lives. Further, they work as a specialist who represents considerable authority in ladies’ regenerative frameworks. Separate specialists that have some expertise in treating ladies have existed for a considerable length of time, and these old authorities are the progenitors of the present gynecological specialists and scientists. They are regularly involved in discussions over ladies’ wellbeing and social insurance. While a general doctor might almost certainly pinpoint and treat minor ladies’ medical problems, the master feelings of gynecologists are totally fundamental with regards to specific parts of ladies’ wellbeing.

Thus, if you ever face any great trouble pertaining to the female reproductive system in your family, then make sure that you visit, a gynecologist. 

What is the work of a Gynaecologist? 

A Gynaecologist basically performs various tests pertaining to the health of the women. When you visit your gynecologist regarding your health issues then they would start with certain tests and after proper examination, they would reach a conclusion as to what exactly is troubling the individual. The gynecologist is further responsible for examining the women during her pregnancy and also making sure that the fetus is developing properly. They also make sure that there is no danger to the mother during her pregnancy.

Where do Gynaecologists work?

Gynecologists are commonly independently employed doctors who possess their own training, or accomplice in training with different gynecologists. Some are utilized by emergency clinics, state offices, and beneficent associations. Still, others work in schools and colleges doing research or are educators in college restorative projects. They either work in the private or government-owned hospitals and after developing a certain level of experience, they start working in their own clinic. 

Best Gynaecologists in Mumbai

Female might have trouble related to their reproductive system, as a result, they would have to consult a gynecologist. This article will completely deal with the best gynecologists in Mumbai and they are as following

  • Dr. HemlataHardasani– She has been residing in the city of Mumbai and has been serving with her services for over 20 years. She has completed her education from Bai Jervai Wadia Hospital, Mumbai. Further her areas of expertise range from High-risk pregnancy care, Contraception, Laparoscopy, and other female related issues. The consultation fee is quite reasonable for her as it amounts to only 1200. She is currently a practicing doctor at Mother care clinic in Mumbai. She has her patients who are pretty impressed with her treatment and have laid down several good reviews for her. Thus, she is one of the best gynecologists in Mumbai and if one is facing any trouble regarding the female reproductive system then they can for sure visit her for consultation.
  • DrPradnyaParulkar- She completed her medical degree and training from Lokmanya Tilak Medical College and is considered to be one of the most trained and accomplished obstetricians in the city of Mumbai. She is also a trained endoscopist and a dietician. She is an expert in dealing with women related problems and has an experience of over 20 years.
  • Dr. Ranjana Dhanu-One of the most famous gynecologists in the city of Mumbai, she has trained over 200 doctors and is considered to have an experience of over 19 years. She is quite young to have achieved all the fame in the field of gynecology. She has a very smooth hand and offers services like Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy among other services. She runs her own clinic and charges a hefty amount for the consultation which amounts to 1800. If you ever experience any trouble pertaining to the female reproductive system, she is one of the most reliable gynecologists to visit.

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