Is olive oil is used to cure dandruff

Dandruff is something that is a common problem of hair and I believe 90% of us face this issue. Hair fall, split ends, rough hair, scaly scalp and itching are some hair problems related to dandruff. All of us try so many home remedies and other stuff just to get rid of dandruff, but alas, we never are able to. Just as a common man, you know that the only solution to getting rid of dandruff is oil your hairs regularly and you can easily buy olive oil of any brand using Paytm Mall Offers with great discount. Which oil to use, how many times a week to use is something that needs to be kept a check on?

Olive oil has so many health benefits. We use olive oil in our food while cooking – we all know that. But olive oil for curing dandruff? Is it so? You may be perplexed to hear this statement. Though it is a common fact that olive oil massages are given in salons. But are we really sure that it is as good for curing dandruff as it is for your health.

In this article we will study about olive oil benefitting and curing your dandruff. Let us see how –

We all know the goodness and generosity of olive oil in matter related to hair and health. But how to cure dandruff and related issues is still unknown to many. Olive oil has been recommended by doctors for issues related to health and recommended by stylists and dermatologists to be used for keeping hair healthy and dandruff free.

  1. Olive oil promotes hair growth. An olive oil massage being done to your hair frequently for months promotes healthy hair growth and keeps your hair away from all hair woes.
  2. Olive oil massage for at least half an hour locks moisture in your scalp and gets rid of all dead hair cells that are actually harming your hair.
  3. This super feature of olive oil will blow your mind if you are not aware of this. Olive oil is loaded with anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants work vigorously on your scalp and help your get rid of dandruff.
  4. It contains vitamins A and E that combats dandruff as a tough fighter. Makes hair healthy by promoting the nutrients required by your hair and in a way keeps your ahir healthy and free from those white flakes.
  5. It is bursting with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that combat not only dandruff but also lice.
  6. It treats severe cases of dandruff when applied overnight. Soak your hair generously in olive oil. Give a good massage for say half an hour. This will allow your scalp to get good amount or moisturising. You really need to moisturize your scalp so that there is no dryness left. Dryness is the main cause of dandruff. You really need to treat dryness and combat it by oiling your hair regularly (minimum twice a week). Massaging on to your scalp is important rather than applying it only on roots. Do it on roots too. But first let the oil penetrate deeply in your scalp so that it gets moisturized. Wash the next day.
  7. The next up on your list is the vinegar treatment. Apple cider vinegar is loaded with ample amount of anti-fungal properties. Mix a few drops (say about a tablespoon of vinegar) to few spoons of olive oil. Rinse this mixture on to your scalp for say about 40 minutes. Keep this overnight. Rinse hair the next day with normal water. Follow this regime for a month and twice a week to see drastic change not only in dandruff cure but also in texture of your hair.
  8. Lastly it is the hot oil massage. These massages are given normally in salons. This is one of the best and oldest types of massage to cure dandruff and hair issues related to it. Warm olive oil. Massage it gently on to your scalp and then towards your roots. Keep it overnight if you can. You can also leave it for 2 hours prior your wash. Use a mild shampoo for hair wash. Also you can buy variety of oils using Nykaa Offers with great discounts.

These are some of the age old home remedies to cure dandruff and other hair related issues like flakes, hair fall, itching and also premature greying of hair. Try any one of these for about a month and see the difference in the texture of your hair as well.

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