How to Pack Hanging Clothes When Moving?


When you are going to begin packing for moving to a new place you certainly need to take care that you pack the things in the right manner without wasting time. The hanging clothes need to be arranged in the new place too so it would be quite a tough task. While Best Moving Companies do this flawlessly, you can alsofollow the details given below for packing and moving.

Don’t pack things which you don’t require

The golden rule of packing is doing pack what you don’t need. So there must be certain clothes in your wardrobe which you don’t wear, the reason might be they are not in the good quality or maybe they don’t fit you so you should keep them away and don’t pack as you won’t require them. Once you have removed unwanted or unwearable items from your wardrobe, you can get begin with the clothes which are hanged.

Gather your supplies

To pack the clothes which are hanged, you only need one of these two things:

  • A wardrobe box (get as many as you think you require for the number of clothes that you have)
  • Garbage bags (heavy duty black ones)

Whether you choose to go with wardrobe boxes or garbage bags it will be based on your personal choice and your budget.

If you are making use of a wardrobe box

The first thing you need to do is build your box. Flip the box over and seal the bottom first, then save the metal bar across the top part of the box. For more strength, it’s a good idea to tape the bar in place.

There are two usable sections present in a wardrobe box: the bar (which is for your hanging clothes) and all of them space beneath it where your clothes hang down. While you don’t actually wish to over-pack the box and make it too heavy to lift, you can totally make use of that extra space by filling it with shoes or other accessories, or bulky items that actually covers a lot of areas but are not that heavy.

If you are making use of garbage bags

Garbage bags are extremely versatile for moving, particularly when it comes to packing out the hanging clothes. Make sure to use a black garbage bag since it’s significantly sturdier than a white or transparent garbage bag. Use the ties on the bag to protect it around the hangers. For more durability use twist ties or twine to hold the bag in place. From there, you easily keep the bundle in your car or truck.

Packing hangers

Along with packing the hanged clothes you also have to pack loose hangers. Start by sorting out any hangers that are spoiled or otherwise unusable. Keep the hangers which are good at one place tie them with rubber bands, and carefully place them in boxes. This will be the best way to sort all the things.

Thus these are the ways by which you can pack clothes which are hanged. If you are ready for this much trouble, why not hire the Best National Moving Companies and stay focused on more important task while the professionals take care of your hanging clothes.


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