High Quality instant approval paid Guest Post sites list 2018-2019


Are you searching the sites for your paid guest posting? Which could be more approval site for paid guest posting? Are they really promoting works? Millions of sites are being worked for paid guest posting around the world. Quality-based works occupied the special rank on Google. All sites are racing each other to reach on high level through these freelancing writing gig. Furthermore, sites need bloggers and bloggers need a by-line and traffic on their works. However, it is risk in the case of sending Paid Guest Post on sites  that may be responsive and may be not. Some sites stands with high social rank on Google, whereas some appear as PBN sites which are the private sites on Google with-less rush ratio on their main door of writers thought. Both sites worked on some target concerning with business of paid guest posting. It may have less crowd  for guest posters but they have warm welcome for guest posting.  Whatsoever, the consequences are with websites, their aim is same. Thus, we can say that PBN sites are also doing a great job in providing paid guest post sites.

         Plenty-same work connection of these sites are:

ü  Getting high DA, PA and Do-follow links on affordable rates.

ü  Guest post is need indeed. The main purpose which for these sites are created. All need quality-based guest posts.

  • Liveness of sites in guest post business. Google rewards ranks on lively alive business which is twenty four hours are active to provide stuff.
  • Writer can join them and write for them. They pays amount which is again mercenary for writer.

Now, let me know you some sites that are currently working on freelancing writing. Have look on some of sites with their DA numbering down here:

o   Paid guest posting sites work on health topic are:

Emolife.com  with DA /52

healthimpact.com  with DA /36

ei-resourse.org  with DA /49

 meetru.com  with DA /43

 diethics.com  with DA /37

 thecompleteherbalguide.com  with DA/42

 valentinbosios.com  with DA /38

neuroscientia.com  with DA/29

 healthcarereformmagazine.com  with DA/35

 pickthebrain.com  with DA /67

o   Paid guest post sites work on Technology topics are:

bestthostingpor.com  with DA/23

myfiredbrain.com  with DA/25

blog.howtoremoveit.info  with DA/37

desiresolutions.tech  with DA/23

itphobia.com  with DA/28

rumyittips.com  with DA/37

scotechyworld.com  with DA/29

tricks5.com   with DA/19

o   Few URLS sites which work on general topics are:

thelibertarianrepublic.com  with DA/66

mamabee.com with DA/62

conservativedailynews.com  with DA/56

tueactivit.com  with DA/72

onlysimchas.com with DA/47

vasizneias.com with DA/64

centraljersey.com with DA /63

theyeshivaworld.com with DA /67

virtual.strategy.com with DA/65

hometownstation.com with DA/58

o   Several new URLS-2019

newsforpublic.com with DA/37

derektime.com with DA/22

digitalample.com with DA/35

southafricatoday.net with DA /53

gloucestercitynews.net with DA/46

previousmagazine.com with DA/35

newsorator.com with DA/19

qutarday.com with DA/ 42

In brief, all above paid guest post sites would fulfil your need as buyer or seller paid guest post with worth budget. Hope that one of these sites may  sort out misery which are you facing for finding sites. For further detail of sites, you can click on http://www.livelink.info where you can be facilitated as buyer of sites according to you requirements.

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