GMAT Exam Coaching and Preparation

The best admissions test for various Masters and MBA courses across the globe is hands on, the GMAT exam; no questions asked! A GMAT or the Graduate Management Admission score makes you stand out from the hundreds of students sprawling in the Universities. The GMAT is conducted by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC). Questions include Analytical Written Assessments, Integrated Reasoning and Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning.

It is an expensive exam, costing about 250 US Dollar or approximately 17,000 INR. Top grade B-schools fancy a GMAT score, so that it can train the cream section of the society. Some of the big name in India who prefers a GMAT score is institutes like IIM and ISB.

 The GMAC conducts this admissions exam throughout the world. All aspirants serious about getting into lop level B-schools sits in one of the 600 centers in more than 114 countries like Canada, USA, Australia, Europe and Singapore and in many other international business schools. Competition is tough and focus is the key!

Structure of GMAT exam

The GMAT exam is formulated to measure the higher reasoning skills of the applicant. It is a computer adaptive test; which means that the difficulty level of your questions will depend on the answers of the earlier sections of the exam. If the applicant answers incorrectly, the difficulty levels increases. But, if a student answers 90% of the questions correctly, their difficulty level decreases as they move forward with the examination.

As discussed before there are four parts in the GMAT exam – Analytical Written Assessments, Integrated Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. Analytical Written Assessments and Integrated Reasoning have 30 minutes each. For the last two sections 65 minutes are allotted to each of them.

There are multiple choice questions, essays, verbal communication, reading comprehension, analysis and more. Answering correct questions result in higher score. One relief is that there are no negative marking!


If you see the markets around you, you will be able to find millions of books for the preparation of GMAT Exam. Online ecommerce platforms also sell such books and are bought by many with the hope of a proper tutorial. But, the fact remains that very few of these books are a reliable source of information.

The best way to prepare for a GMAT exam is to join gmat coaching in Mumbai. These coaching classes’ requests for a fee and in return provide professional and reliable coaching for your GMAT exams. They provide practical experience and makes you face real life situation in a more confident way.

Their professional tutors provide:

  • Method training with daily study plans.
  • Reasoning and problem solving exercises.
  • Reading and comprehension exercises.
  • Daily Home works and revisions.
  • Mock tests and question papers.

Gmat coaching in Mumbai

The gmat coaching in Mumbai improves a student’s confidence and provide all the necessary support required to give such a tough exam. They teach the students to focus and improve on their weakness. After a period of time, you can feel much confident about yourself! Just after two months of joining, you will be able to see the difference.

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