Get in Shape on the Treadmill

We all know that running is one of the most effective mean to reduce weight and stay fit. But for many of us it is just not possible, may be due to the lack of suitable running space or non-willingness to go out in the open or lack of time and many other reasons alike.

For such excuses, treadmill is the answer to stay fit and healthy. If going out or lack of good place to run is an issue, buying one or using one in the nearby gym is the perfect answer.  You can run or walk on it watching television, listening music or even reading your newspaper.

Getting in shape on a treadmill

While a treadmill is considered to be a great piece of a cardio equipment, there are numerous things that a treadmill can do for you apart from providing you with a platform to run and walk. You can keep on with your health and fitness goals and get in great shape on a treadmill.

Starting on a treadmill:

  • First and foremost, to get the maximum out of your treadmill exercises, it’s important to warm up. Do a brisk walk on the treadmill as it will warm up your body and get it ready for more intense training further.
  • Secondly, after 10 minutes of initial work out, step out and get some stretching exercises. Try to stretch every part of your body with normal stretches.
  • With every passing days, increase the intensity of your warm up to improve your resistance and get fitter slowly.

Some unique moves you should do to get in full shape:

After you have become a pro to the use of treadmill, there are some unique exercises that you can do on a treadmill to get you in the best of shapes.


  • Walk on the treadmill with your arms above your head

You might look a bit funny, but this will be a more challenging work than your normal one. It up thr hearts rate and speeds up in toning the body.


  • Walk uphill and backwards

It is nothing walking backwards on a treadmill. Start at a slow pace and with certain amount of concentration. It is a great exercise to strengthening and shaping up your calves, quads and gluts.

  • Try the sideways stepping

We all believe that treadmills are only for forth and backward movements. Try the side steps and see the difference it makes on your inner and outer thighs, hips, bas and calves. It challenges your balance and endurance, thereby challenging the mind. Try it both ways – left and right.

  • Strengthen your upper body

Treadmills are not only for the lower body. Stand as if you would walk fat on the treadmill, grasp the side handles behind the body, lean backward on the heels and push up returning to the start position. Great for triceps and the chest.

  • Go for the tabata intervals

It says to start slowing with a 10 t0 15% inclination and slowly increase the speed of the belt. The process says 20 seconds of intense on the treadmill followed by 10 seconds of rest and go again. Repeat for 20 times atleast and see all the calories burning.

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