Enduring natural differing floorings

Homeowners who acquire a house and re-model it prefers eco-friendly options for flooring such as bamboo floors or engineered hardwood. Hardwood flooring has existed for a long time on popular demand. It is because hardwood floorings are classic, aesthetic, and timeless. However, in present times things are changing. New types of material are gaining popularity. Bamboo flooring has resemblance to hardwood and its favourably accepted.

If we comparatively see the two floorings bamboo verses hardwood the picture will be clear. Hardwood is durable but it is likely to get damaged through scratches and dents. Bamboo is more lasting than other species of wood. Mould and mildew grow on moist hardwood. Bamboo resists the growth of mould and mildew. Daily cleaning of hardwood through broom mop, or vacuum cleaner. Other chemicals suitable to it are used for cleaning. Wax applied to get its sheen back. Bamboo is cleaned in the similar way but does not need wax application. Both flooring types are pet friendly. Hardwood is costlier than bamboo. Hardwood lasts a century and bamboo 20-25 years. Both woods are good for people with allergy. These do not accelerate the condition. Hardwood is more expensive to get installed compared to bamboo. Bamboo is termite resistant which hardwood is not. Bamboo flooring do not have grading scale as hardwoods. The quality is dubious when no standardization happens.

Most of the homeowners customize their homes in style, colour and flooring. Hardwood flooring can be created by basic woods like oak, pine etc. The colour can be rustic whitewashed or modern ebony. At the onset bamboo came in limited colures. Now more colours have been added to the list such as grey, natural and cherry.

Bamboo flooring is manufactured through hundreds of raw bamboo strands are pressed with machine. Raw bamboo is boiled to withdraw sugar and starches and other natural material. Natural bamboo is very light hued comparable to blonde. Carbonizing happens in this bamboo strips are steamed with controlled pressure as well heat and the product is dark brown hue.  Bamboo planks are used as solid with wanted finish or are sold in engineered way to make bamboo top layer. If bamboo floorings are not boiled, steamed or dried in appropriate way they tend to shrink once installed creating gaps. The hardness of bamboo planks begins at 1,500 on Janka hardness scale. The recent bamboo flooring can score 4,000 upwards. Thus, strand woven bamboos are harder than oak, maple and Brazilian cherry.

Rubber flooring is distinctive flooring conceived to add padding and spring underfoot. Rubber floorings are used in home gym, kitchen, bathrooms playrooms high traffic region etc. The order placed can be customized with customer specifications such as speckled spaces etc. There is abundance variety in hues, patterns as well as textures. These floorings are in demand for residence and commercial purposes. The rubber flooring comes in tiles of 12-inch, 24-inch and 36-inch.

Rubber flooring are resilient like vinyl as well as linoleum. These are easy to clean and lasting because it is strong and tough. A well looked after flooring can last for 20 years. Cleaning is easy through damp mop. Cleaning products should be used with care.

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