Coaching centres – Boon or Bane

Education is not a commodity which should be sold but it is the fundamental right of every citizen. Despite all the efforts by the government, coaching centres and tuition classes have turned education into a business. Coaching, earlier unheard-of, is common in the modern age and adopted by one and all despite their abilities. Parents are robbed of their hard-earned money by charging exorbitant fees.

* Students are burdened with homework from school and are forced to slog themselves from coaching centre to another from an early age.

* Students are burdened with worksheets and assignments from the coaching centres. Students are made to work hard at an early age. Studying in cramped classrooms with zero attention from students turns all the effort of parents in vain.

* Over ambitious parents who want the best for their kid treat coaching centres as the only stepping stone to success. In the race to excel in every subject, coaching centres have become more successful than schools.

* Gullible students are mesmerized by the advertisements and a promise for a better future. But these fake promises do not help children.

* Though coaching centres give a boost for exam preparations but no serious knowledge is imparted to the students which can help in life.

Coaching is a necessity but in the later part of a student’s life when he/she is preparing for higher national level competitive exams. Following steps are necessary to curb this menace:

* It is the duty of the students and parents to carefully analyze the curriculum of coaching centres.

* Instead of participating in the rat race for admission into the beat coaching centres, parents should encourage self learning.

* Students must organize group studies to help their classmates with important topics.

* Study materials must be prepared by school teachers to help the students prepare well for exams. Study material should be provided by schools starting from grade 6. Moreover, Maths being the most intimidating subject should be given preference. The study material for class 6 CBSE maths is the first stepping stone towards the ultimate goal. Furthermore, classes and subjects should be added.

* Regular parent’s interactions with the teachers is a necessity. It will create a sense of belongingness and encourage students to include parents in the learning process.

* Availability of proper study material by school teachers is important. Recent Endeavour of distributing 6th maths study material by government schools to underprivileged students is something which must learned from.

* Teachers should commit themselves and teach with full vigour and zeal in the school itself which would eradicate the need for coaching.

* Special attention should be given to the students who score below average rather than forcing them for extra classes at coaching centres.

* Self-study and belief on one’s abilities are the only ways to succeed in life.

* Proper regularization of the coaching centres is the need of the hour.

Quality education is the need of the hour. Coaching centres are not a menace but using them to convert education into a business is a crime. Students going for coaching do not mean teachers at school have failed to do their jobs. It is the lack of proper guidance among students and parents which should be eradicated.

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