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Shirts belong to the most elegant as well as fashionable attire. It very well completes the dress code for both formal as well as informal wear. In today’s fashionable era, shirts are preferred by both men and women.

Making the choice

While going to a party or getting ready for office, the purpose of buying shirts should always be kept in mind. If the choice is made for going to the party, then the selection of the shirt should be, glossy texture or casual in nature. If the purpose is, getting ready for the interview, or going to the office then the preference should be made for cotton light colored shirts. In summer, half sleeves shirts are very much in fashion. They are very good as formal wears as well. The formal shirts look perfect with the trousers and also with Jeans at times. The manufacturers of cotton shirts know this, and prepare shirts, keeping in mind the trend.  Jeans and formal shirts can also be worn, at the parties.  Chinos and glossy shirts are seen at the parties these days. Shirts usually go well with trousers and jeans. Trousers though can be of various kinds.

Process of making shirts

Shirt manufacturing starts from getting an order for the shirts, followed by the sourcing of materials, cutting of fabrics, stitching the components of the shirt, finishing and finally packing. This process can be advanced or more advanced in some cases, or depends upon the requirements or set up of the factory. Any process of manufacturing is not complete without the quality check. Same holds true for shirts as well. Quality check of the products made are done at the end of each subprocess, and finally when the shirt is ready. The manufactures, very well know, that, if the quality is not looked after, the order might get canceled or penalty is to be given.

The process of manufacturing shirts may also differ, depending upon the texture or the fabric of the shirt. The manufacturers of cotton shirts or the manufacturer of nylon shirts, the process may vary depending upon the texture. For a glossy finish or the party wear shirts, the process can be slightly different. It totally depends upon the requirement and also the manufacturing process of each of the factories. So, there can be a slight difference in the process.


Shirts are the most preferred choice, for looking both stylish yet formal. The manufacturers know this very well and give the utmost care and attention while preparing them. The manufacturers of cotton shirts know, that competition is huge, and with the advent of retail and online shopping, it is just getting nastier. So, in order to be in the market, all the criteria for manufacturing shirt are taken care of, and most importantly the quality check. Huge shipments get canceled if the quality is not met by the manufactures. Keeping in mind, that there can be a huge amount of penalty to be borne, these manufacturers always pay attention to the different products and their quality.

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