All You Need To Know About Outer Layer Clothing in the Winter

Getting dressed in winter is a tough task; you want to stay warm and at the same time you do not want to uncool. You want to be appropriately dressed for the weather and yet maintain the style. The best way to stay warm in cold and wintry weather is to wear layers of clothing. There are three layers: the base layer to keep the skin dry, the middle layer to prevent the loss of body heat and the outermost layer to protect from the chill and wind. For a stylish outer layer, you can always opt for cold weather jackets.

Types of cold weather jackets

A jacket worn on top of other clothes is extra protection from cold and are usually slightly longer and bigger than the other garments that are worn. To pick a cold-weather jacket you first need to decide on what kind of weather you are going to wear it. A jacket worn in the winter of Kolkata will not be suitable for the biting cold of Sikkim. Next thing to keep in mind is the purpose for which you want to buy the jacket.

  • Winter jackets that are required for outdoor activities in extremely harsh cold weather. Jackets that you are going to use to go skiing, ¬†mountaineering or other adventurous events have technical features such as helmet-compatible hoods and pit-zips in case sweating occurs due to intensive activities. They are usually lightweight and can be easily packed. These jackets are usually designed to be waterproof.
  • There is a casual cold-weather jacketsthat is needed when you will be going out for everyday activities in harsh cold weather. These jackets are comparatively more fashionable. They usually come with a large hood and pockets to keep your hands warm.
  • The all-purpose jackets have different features such that they can be used for non-rigorous winter activities as well as for casual outdoor activities. These types of jackets usually come with some stylish features like fur trims or buttons.

Types of insulation

The cold weather jackets you are going to buy usually come with one of two kinds of insulation. Synthetic feather insulation is lightweight but it is not good for the damp condition. If you are staying in a dry, cold place then such jackets are ideal. Milkweed insulation, on the other hand, provides great protection and is hypoallergenic.

What to look for when buying a jacket

  • Do not just look for style. Ensure that the jacket will provide enough protection from the weather.
  • In a cold climate, a large amount of heat from the body escapes through the head. A hood is thus essential in cold weather jackets. It not only protects from rain nor snow, but it also helps keep the body warm.
  • Is there a pocket? Whether you want to buy a casual jacket or one for the rigorous outdoor activity it is essential to have pockets. In that biting cold, you can stuff your hands in those pockets.
  • Last but not least is the fit of the jacket. Buy it a size bigger as you will be wearing it above layers of clothes.
  • Be ready for the winter season with a jacket or two to keep you warm and comfortable.

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