5 Brilliant Reasons to Tour Malaysia

Malaysia is considered to be the best place in Asia where you can spend your vacation. Malaysia is a multicultural country and you can find all kind of all types of culture like the Chinese, Sri Lanka, Indians, etc. It has a lot of beautiful hills, enchanting beaches and cityscapes like Kuala Lumpur. You can get a wide range of delicious food and a lot of traditional spas. Malaysia is considered to be among the top tourist destinations of the world because of the following reasons:

  • Comes within your budget

There are many Malaysia packages from Delhi which can be pocket-friendly for you. You do not have to spend loads of money to visit Malaysia. For cutting down on your costs, you can stay in hostels or hotels which will come within your budget. Try to avail as much public transport as possible. This will save a lot of money. And if your budget allows, you can even hire a limo.

  • Stunning beaches

You will surely get mesmerized by the stunning beaches of Malaysia. One of the most famous beaches in Langkawi. It is known for its beauty and depth. You can even find a number of archipelagos in Malaysia. Some of the best beaches of Malaysia are Tioman Island, Perhentian Island, Langkawi, and Borneo.

  • Lush rainforests

Malaysia is quite rich in its flora and fauna. Two third area of Malaysia is covered with dense rainforests and it is a home to twenty percent of the world’s wildlife. The agents of the Malaysia packages from Delhi will guide you to all the resorts where you can stay with utmost comfort. You can also book tents and stay there to enjoy the raw nature but be very careful.

  • Adventurous activities

Travel cannot be much fun if it is only limited to sightseeing. Some types of adventurous activities should be there on vacation. You can find a long list of things to do in Malaysia. Some of the popular activities of Malaysia packages from Delhi are; scuba diving, white water rafting, parasailing, paragliding, etc. And some of the places for these activities are; Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Kinabalu, etc.  

  • Mixture of cultures

The country is a home to many cultures like Indian, Chinese, and Sri Lanka. Several types of ethnicities live in Malaysia. Malaysia also has multiple numbers of UNESCO Heritage Site.

The above reasons show why Malaysia is considered to be one of the finest places for spending your vacation in Asia.

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