15 Facts About India

Many people dream of traveling around the world, and certainly India is a fascinating road map. The millenary culture and its colors are some of the reasons why we should all know the country. The Land of Gandhi is the second most populous country in the world. And despite the many problems it faces, India reserves its visitor’s lush landscapes and its people make it a spectacle apart.

Here in Unknown Facts we have already written about a new technology that is helping thousands of lost Indian children and the 7 most disturbing rituals found in India. Today, we list for you some facts about one of the most plural countries in the world. Check out!

Incredible facts about India

1 – India has one of the most chaotic transits in the world. And to make matters worse, in the streets the signs and the delimitations of spaces where people should walk are almost nonexistent.

2 – Contraceptive methods in India are not encouraged, since for them the timing is extremely sacred.

3 – There is a forecast that by 2050, India will be the most populous country in the world, with about 1.6 billion people.

  1. – Demonstrations of affection in public are prohibited. If a couple gets caught kissing, for example, they can be arrested for indecent assault.

5 – In the country, the Big Mac is very different. In fact, it is the only place in the world where composition changes. This is because the population of India does not eat beef, since the cow is considered a sacred animal.

6 – They still follow a sacred tradition for them to throw the ashes of their loved ones who have passed away in the waters of the Ganges River.

7 – Monkeepers are scattered on the subway, in government buildings and in the Indian parliament to keep the animals away from these places.

8 – Private detectives are often hired to investigate the past and present of the future brides of the Indians.

9 – The houses in Shani Shingnapur do not have doors or locks because people believe that Lord Shani does the protection of their houses.

10 – In 2011, termites were responsible for destroying about 222 thousand dollars from a bank in the country. Besides the money, the insects destroyed the furniture and many other documents.

11 – About 70,000 children would be illegally employed in coal mines in the country. Often parents send them as a way to supplement family income.

12 – The Kumbh Mela that happens every 12 years is considered the biggest festival in the world. Only in 2001, about 60 million people gathered in the city that was hosting the festival.

13 – India has the second largest rail network in the world. Indian Railways has about 1.3 million employees, making it the most employers in the world.

14 – In India there are about 300 mosques scattered throughout the country. The Taj Mahal is one of them.

15 – In 1961, a census cataloged about 1652 languages ​​and dialects found in the country.

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